Putin says only Russia knew Donald Trump would win.

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Donald Trump for understanding the mood of American voters, claimed that only Russia knew the businessman would win the election  and blamed Democrats for being sore losers.

“The losing side always tries to pass the buck,” Putin said at his year-end press conference Friday in Moscow. “They need to learn to lose with dignity.”

Putin insisted that the Motherland didn’t meddle in the US election and leaks from the CIA and FBI have backed up the accusations that the foreign government carried out the hacks, which released a trove of damaging emails from top Democrats.

“Who knows if they were even hackers? Maybe they were lying on the sofa or the bed,” he shrugged — but added that the hacks “showed the truth.”

It was Trump who “understood the mood of the people and kept going until the end, when nobody believed in him — except us,” Putin said, as reporters applauded.

“Certainly only we knew that he was going to win. No one else did,” Putin said.

He continued: “The Democrats didn’t just lose the presidential election, but the House and the Senate as well. Did I do that as well?”

And he accused Democrats of “losing on every front and looking for people to blame everywhere.”

Putin also cited a recent public opinion poll showing Republican voters in America now look at him more favorably than before.

“I don’t put it down to me, the fact that a large part of Republican voters support the Russian president,” Putin said, according to AFP.

“It means that a large part of the American people have the same idea of how the world should be, of our common dangers and problems,” he added. “It’s good that there are people that sympathize with us in our concept of traditional values.”

Who is the luckiest person on Earth?

Who is the luckiest person on Earth? by Hugo Gasseau Dryer

Answer by Hugo Gasseau Dryer:


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This Australian is the luckiest man alive

Why you ask?

Well here’s the thing. He won the lottery as any normal lucky person would, but here’s the kicker. When a local news station asked him to talk about winnings, he complied and went on there. The news station asked him to reenact him buying and scratching the card, which would’ve been pretty normal.

But instead when he tried to reenact it…HE WON 250,000 DOLLARS EXTRA.

Wow, just wow!



Who is the luckiest person on Earth?

Sikkim Diaries: Visiting a Piece of Heaven Called Gurudongmar — Footloose Forever

Gurudongmar was on my bucket-list since 2011 when I planned with my friends for North Sikkim travel for the first time. Unfortunately, due to a devastating earthquake in Sikkim in the same year we had to cancel our trip. Nevertheless, visiting Lake Gurudongmar was my destiny. I finally made it after 5 long years.🙂 Nestled […]

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The Power of writing down your goals

Everyone wants to be great and reach achievement milestones, but not everyone is willing to commit to the grueling process that being great requires. Many people give up after one try, one failure. They settle for being average instead of striving and working to be great.

With the New Year right around the corner, and most people starting to think about their resolutions and the goals they want to accomplish in 2017 — and that includes me — I want to share a process I go through at the end of each year, in late December. Some people don’t know how to set goals, and they certainly don’t know how to go about achieving them.

But, for me, nothing has changed my life more than learning how to set goals and then working hard to attain them.

What’s important here is the difference between goal-setting and goal achievement. Both are important, but setting goals alone isn’t enough. If you write them down on a piece of paper, then put that paper away and never do anything more, you’ve wasted your time. Instead, you have to take massive action to achieve your goals.

Everywhere I go to speak in the world, I share the following exact same goal-setting process that has shaped my life year after year. This process has helped me achieve almost every major goal that I ever set.

The process

Start by setting a stopwatch or the timer on your phone, for three minutes. This will force you to write your goals down quickly and not dawdle. The point is to eliminate the tendency to start worrying. When we consider the goals we want to achieve, we immediately start thinking about reasons we can’t reach those goals.

There will be roadblocks to consider, a lack of money and a million-and-one other obstacles. But don’t worry about those things; if you set a stopwatch for three minutes, that short time span will force you to focus and write down what’s really in your heart instead of to waste time on the challenges down the road.

The next part of the process is to write down eight to ten goals you want to achieve this time next year. It’s good to include some balance on that list with health, fitness, family, leisure and financial and business goals, to name some important considerations. Then circle the one goal that has the potential to completely change the course of your life and serve as a domino effect for every other goal on the list.

The “game-changer” goal

Next, identify what I call the game-changer goal. When I first adopted this same process into my life, I was 16 years old and a recovering drug addict. My major goal at the time was to get a Division I college scholarship for football. I knew that achieving that major goal would help me reach every other goal on my list and drastically change my entire life.

After you circle your own game-changer goal, you’ll find that the next part of the process is what separates the best of the best from everyone else. Write down 20 to 50 things you need to do to achieve that major goal of yours.

Most people never even think about what they need to do in order to achieve their goals. So, if you are thinking about this, you’ll be putting yourself in the small percentage of high achievers and be significantly increasing your odds of success.

After you have completed your action plan of all the things that must happen in order to achieve your game-changer, you should start transfering one to two tasks a day onto your daily task list. Once you have your game plan ready to go, your overall task is all about taking massive action and being relentless each and every day until you get to where you want to go.

Goal-setting has completely changed my life, and it can do the same for you too.

This article was originally written by Matt Mayberry

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Question Of The Day: How do one become mentally strong?

I had the same question. To answer it, I studied the most mentally tough people on the planet—the Navy SEALs.

Here’s what they do:

  1. They eat the elephant. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Take insurmountable goals and break them down into smaller objectives.
  2. They use visualization. They run vivid scenarios of themselves succeeding over and over inside their heads. This maximizes the chance of success when the time comes.
  3. They practice emotional control. They use breathing techniques such as the “4 by 4 for 4” (4 seconds in, 4 seconds out for 4 minutes) to keep their stress levels under control.
  4. They use self talk. They reframe external events in a positive light. They understand that it is not the EVENT but their INTERPRETATION that matters.
  5. They celebrate small victories. They see the beauty of small victories in tough times. This keeps morale high so they can keep fighting the good fight.
  6. They value their tribe. They care for their team. Lose the tribe and you lose everything.

The techniques are important, but actually executing them is even more so.

Who is the smartest human being that’s ever lived?

Kim Ung-Yong

Born on 8th March, 1962, this Korean super-genius was a child prodigy. The 50-year old man has the “Highest IQ” of 210, as recorded by “Guinness Book of World Records”. He could converse fluently at 6 months; was a guest student of Physics at ‘Hanyang University’ at 3 and by 4 he was able to read Japanese, Korean, German and English. At his fifth birthday, he could solve complicated differential and integral calculus problems. At the age of 7 he was invited to America by NASA. He worked there for 10 years but calls the time spent there his lonely years.

Hence later he came back to Korea and completed his elementary, high-school and middle school with-in 2 years. He then obtained a Ph. D. in Physics from ‘Colorodo State University’ and is now working in a business planning department at Chungbuk Development Corporation.

How to answer may we contact your last employer

 Image result for human resources pictures

I was stuck in a toxic workplace for two and a half years, and by the end my nerves were shot. I couldn’t afford to quit my job to start a full-time job search, and I felt completely trapped.

My wife Sarah got a raise at her job and she said “Let’s adjust our household budget so you can quit your job and focus on getting something better.”

I quit my job on October first, one of the happiest days of my working life. My co-workers said “When you get a better job, we’ll follow you!” I’ve done okay in my job search so far. I’ve had two interviews (no offers yet). One problem I’m running into is that recruiters ask me “Can we contact your last employer?”

I left the company on good terms but I still don’t want anyone to talk to my old boss, who is the owner and president of the company.  He is the reason I quit and the reason my former co-workers hate their jobs as much as I hated mine.

He may not know that you’re not supposed to slam a past employee when you give a reference. My old boss was furious with me when I gave notice. There’s no way I want to give out his name as a reference, but what can I do?

Now I’m wondering if I made a mistake in quitting my job to job-hunt full time. If I had still been working there, I could have said “I’m still working for ABC Corp and they don’t know I’m job-hunting, so you can’t contact them.

So, It hit me, that’s exactly what I’m going to do, write that I’m still working there but they don’t know I’m job hunting since they don’t want me to leave.

Donald Trump insults a fire marshal, calls email stupid, and makes a baby cry in Colorado — Quartz

As Hillary Clinton basked in the glow of her official nomination on Friday, Donald Trump was stumping in Colorado, a swing state with a growing population that could prove crucial come November. Trump kicked things off by complaining about the fire marshal’s refusal to let more people into the auditorium in Colorado Springs, which had…

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